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Why Choose Quest?
We’re global, 3.500+ strong and have products that help customers achieve true IT resilience now. The minute you come abroad Quest, you’re joining a people-centric company with generous rewards and benefits.
Rockstar colleagues – Networking and relationship are one of the biggest takeaways of joining Quest.
With Employees all over the world, Quest strives for realizing equality and inclusion to reflect the global landscape in which we all work and live.
What’s not to love about Quest? If you’re looking for remote work flexibility, truly collaborative teams, and a culture built on heart, we’re waiting for you.

Delatnost: At Quest, we create and manage the software that makes the benefits of new technology real while empowering users and data, streamlining IT operations and hardening cybersecurity from the inside out. Companies turn to us to manage, modernize and secure their business, from on-prem to in-cloud, from the heart of the network to the vulnerable endpoints.
We help you conquer your next challenge with confidence and achieve true IT resilience — because next is here now.

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Business Development Rep

Just go to and scroll down the categories, from administrative, business operations, human recourses, sales, information technology, marketing…with or without experience. We are waiting for you!