Your career starts here!

From students, for students

Students from “BEST Nis” organisation help other students make their first steps towards career of their dreams.

16 years of tradition

This year, ”Job Fair – Your career starts here!” takes place for the sixteenth time.


Job Fair annually takes place at Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš.

2 days

Job Fair traditionally takes place on first Monday and Tuesday in March. This year it’s 4th and 5th March.

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What is Job Fair?

Fair “Job Fair – Your career starts here!”, started as a want of  BEST Nis” organisation to help students and youth in finding first job or internship in their profession, but also to enable them to better familiarise themselves with companies which have their representative offices in Serbia. Main goal of Job Fair is to help youth build successful career.

It is our pleasure and honor to say that sixteenth Job Fair will take place on first Monday and Tuesday in March, precisely 4th and 5th March, 2024. During these two days students will have a chance to meet with company representatives, make a direct contact and learn more about jobs and available internships, all at once.

Ilustracija štandovi

Company booths

Explore relevant companies and vacant positions for jobs or internships!

Ilustracija prezentacije

Presentations/Q&A sessions

Ask company representatives all the questions about their company, work, application selection process…

Ilustracija radionice


 Professionals will transfer various knowledge to better help you find a job and develop your career!

Ilustracija interaktivni korner

Interactive corner

Discover newest company products first hand!

Ilustracija intervju


Applying for interviews, enables you to have interviews with greater number of companies, and therefore, apply for a job or an internship on the Job Fair itself!

Ilustracija CV

CV Base

Upload your CV into CV Base, so that companies involved in Job Fair can have access to your CV! 


As tradition implies, for the six year in a row, we have been a part of yet another excellent Job Fair. We cannot wait for the next year!

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Huge thanks to our friends at “BEST Nis” organisation for amazing atmosphere and energy which have made this experience unforgettable and successful!


Thanks to Board of European Students of Technology – “BEST Nis” for great organisation and reminder that there is no better marketing and promotion material that can replace smiles and interaction with student engineers at the booth!


Partners of this year's Job Fair


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Elektromreza Srbija


Accordia Group


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Elixir Group


Miljana Đorđević

Miljana Đorđević

Main Co-organiser

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Miljana is a student of third year at Faculty of Philosophy in Niš on departman of German language and literature.

Her job is to lead the team and support other members in need of help. Furthermore, she tries hard to keep motivation on a high level and that the tasks are being done on time. Apart from all this she does administration and finances for the project.

Katarina Vasiljković

Katarina Vasiljković

Main Co-organiser

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Katarina is graduant at Faculty of Philosophy in Niš in department of Psychology. 

Her job was creating concepts for the fair and bringing new innovations together with the whole organisation team, monitoring team members work and offering help when necessary. Also, she keeps team motivated and controls project finances.

Lana Tasić

Lana Tasić

Media Responsible

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Lana is a student at Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš in departmant of Eletrical components and microsystems.

Her position includes writing a PR strategy, media offer, media announcement, initiation and maintaining relationship with media. Besides that, she conducts all the necessary research to be able to prepare posts for social media, as well as to be able to write them up-to-date and post them by PR strategy. It is also necessary for her to prepare live promotions besides aforementioned online ones, like promotions at various faculties or at lectures. Also, it is preferable that she promotes the fair through other means, such as TV or radio appearances, but also her responsibility is to lead the opening ceremony of the fair.

Maja Branković

Maja Branković

Content Responsible

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Maja is in her fourth or final year at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš, majoring in Engineering Management.

Her position includes creating a general schedule of activities at the fair, coordinating the timing of all activities that will take place during the Job Fair, as well as coming up with topics for presentations and other company sessions. Also, the work in this position includes research and monitoring the interests of our target group in order to select the topics that will interest them the most and inspire them in their further career development.

Katarina Stojanović

Katarina Stojanović

Fundraising Responsible

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Katarina is a second year student at Faculty of Philosophy in Nis in departman of Psychology.

Her responsibilities include exploring contacts and contacting companies in goal of achieving partnership and mutual organisation of the fair for all students in search of job or internship offer.

Nikola Ranđelović

Nikola Ranđelović

Design Responsible for Social Media

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Nikola is a fourth-year student at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Niš and studies at the Department of Energy and Process Engineering, Department of Thermotechnics.

Specifically, he is in charge of creating material that is promoted on social networks. Its main task and goal is to attract and interest as many people as possible in the event itself, based on specially designed announcements, which are placed on various social networks.

Milica Krstić

Milica Krstić

Design Responsible for Printed Materials

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Milica is second year at the Faculty of Electronics in Niš, majoring in Systems Management.

Her responsibility is to design partnership offers, brochures, promotional material, as well as all other accompanying printed materials.

Marko Milenović

Marko Milenović

IT & Logistics Responsible

Learn more about organiser

Marko is in his third year at the Faculty of Science and Mathematics at the Department of Computer Science.

His job includes updating and maintaining the fair’s website, CV app, and providing all technical conditions for the fair, as well as all supporting applications.

For the logistics part, his responsibilities include securing the space, managing the logistical support at the fair and is responsible for everything going as planned from the start.


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