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Ime kompanije: Nistruct DOO

O kompaniji:

Nistruct is a software development company building enterprise-level & engaging online experiences. We started 2020 as a small company with a few employees and from the very beginning, it was important for us to broadcast quality and good service. 

Recognized by our clients as the tool for developing their own business we have been given wings to expand and move forward. 

Today, we are a company of exceptional developers, confident in their abilities, ready to grow, face challenges and follow the client’s needs. 

We divided our activities into three main groups: iOS, Android, and Backend development. Our teams primarily work on projects from the financial, air transport, travel, and statistical sports domains. 

In our spare time, we like to get together for team building.

Delatnost: Software development

Broj zaposlenih: 20

Poslovanje sa inostranstvom: Irska, Švajcarska, USA, Velika Britanija

Opis potrebnih kadrova

Potreban obrazovni profil: Computer Science, Math or Electrical Engineering

Zahtevan broj godina studija: VI, VII or PhD (recent graduate or PhD under review)

Zahtevan nivo poznavanja stranih jezika: B2+

Rad na računaru: Understanding of application architecture, data structures and object-oriented design.

Poželjne dodatne veštine: Depending on the requested position: Java, NodeJS, Swift/SwiftUI, or AndroidUI

Radno iskustvo: not necessary

Raspoloziva radna mesta: 4

Raspolozive prakse: NodeJS, Java, Android and iOS


Adresa: Ulica Mladih 4 (bivša Orlovića Pavla 26), Niš

Tel:  0691046701



Kontakt osoba/e: Marko Anđelković